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If you are experiencing echo sound issues, for example in an open office space or school restaurant,
then choose our solution AKUprintti, for a combination of better acoustics and improved design.

AKUprintti solutions are built up from 3 elements:

AKUprintti valkoinen kehys

Stylish frames

Robust but elegant frames in aluminum, black and white form the borders. All RAL colours and different kinds of wood finish are also optional.
It is easy and cost-effective to replace the print within the frame.

AKUprintti kangastuloste

Custom printed fabric

Any picture can be printed in any size up to 50 meters by 3,15 meters without stitch. Our printing technique is highly advanced and it will bring out the best out of high resolution pictures and bright colors.

AKUprintti akustiikkapaneelit

Acoustic panels

Soft acoustic panels are cut to size so they fit perfectly in between the frames. They are attached to the wall, invisibly behind the printed fabric. If there is no need for acoustic improvement, these panels can be left out.


When designing an interior, walls are an important factor. Our high quality textile frames are a stylish choice to enhance atmosphere.
They are always custom printed, so you can choose images that match the interior design. You can even incorporate branding, or use a quote to create an attractive eye-catcher.



Use our framed wall prints to create a high impact visual corporate presence. Our AKUprintti acoustic solution is especially helpful in open office spaces where noise reduction is required.

Schools and daycare

Schools and daycare

Wherever there are many children, sound levels can go up easily. Our acoustic solution AKUprintti can be used to create a pleasant sound profile in hallways, cantine, library, sports hall, etc.



The sharp and bright print on fabric is very suitable for musea, especially for sequencing exhibitions: just change the print and keep the frame.

Home interior

Home interior

AKUprintti can be the perfect addition to a home. Choose a special memory to print or match images with the interior colors.


AKUprintti Tulosteilla On Eco-logo Reach Complient
AKUprintti Yhteistyössä Allergia Ja Astmaliiton Kanssa Logo
AKUprintti Tulosteilla On Eco-logo Öko-tex
AKUprintti Eco Nordic Swan Akustiikkaa
  • The acoustic panels are anti-allergic: they are dust-free and don’t hold moist. No glass wool is used.
  • The acoustic panels and the fabric are fire retardant: class B-s1, d0.
  • We are working on reducing the ecological footprint of our products:
    – the acoustic panels are made of at least 50 % recycled PET.
    – the fabric used for the print is made of at least 30 % recycled PET.
    – the printed fabric can be washed at 40 degrees, so it’s very durable, The special sublimation print technique ensures the brightness of the print even after washing.
    – the inks used for the prints are water-based and solvent-free. They have the Nordic Swan and Green Guard eco labels.



Our office is located in Oulu, Finland. Our resellers are based throughout Europe.
Please contact us for your nearest location.

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