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AKUprintti acoustic sollutions

Choose one of the 4 categories below and discover our products.


AKUprintti frame is developed to reduce reverberation problems in your room. Behind the printed fabric are Ewona’s best acoustic panels. You can also choose a frame without acoustic panels.

Frame Custom

There are always spaces that deserve more and that cannot be categorized. We are not averse to this. Think of hanging frames or room dividers.

Felt Hexagon

Our AKUprintti Felt panels are made of 100 % recycled PET. Beside the beautiful sublimation prints they are also available in a range of standard colours.

Felt Custom

Our AKUprintti Felt panels can be used to enrich your environment in many ways. Think of hanging panels, room dividers, custom shapes etc .


Our office is located in Oulu, Finland. You are welcome to visit our showroom and see / feel our AKUprintti solutions.
Our resellers are based throughout Europe. Please contact us for your nearest location.

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