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AKUprintti Felt Custom prints

AKUprintti Felt Cone

AKUprintti Felt custom shapes

AKUprintti Felt Custom leaf

AKUprintti Felt Custom shape

AKUprintti Felt Custom Print

AKUprintti Felt Divider

AKUprintti Felt Divider stand

AKUprintti Felt Divider

AKUprintti Felt Dividers

AKUprintti Felt hanging panel and leafs

AKUprintti Felt hanging panel

AKUprintti Felt hanging panel

AKUprintti Felt hanging panels

AKUprintti Felt Custom designs options

Available colours

AKUprintti Felt is intended to create a pleasant working atmosphere in rooms and to improve the acoustics. These felt hexagon panels can be perfectly combined with our frames. They are also made entirely from recycled plastic PET bottles and printed with water-based inks without solvents.

This product consists of:

  • 9 mm thick felt panels. Available in the 28 dyed colours and prints.
  • 100% upcycled from PET bottles
  • The panels improve the acoustic comfort
  • Density of 1,9 kg/m2
  • Fire-retardant B1
  • Color- and water-resistant
  • Printed with water-based inks, free of solvents
  • Life-like sharp sublimation print
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Product specifications

AKUprintti Felt Hexagon is made without harming the environment.
We strive for completely environmentally friendly products throughout the entire production process. Here is how we made it.

Upcycled felt

Each AKUprintti Felt Hexagon consists of fibers from recycled bottles. The material is 100% recyclable and can be reprocessed after use. This not only makes it environmentally friendly, but also very sustainable. View our sustainability page for more about this.

Custom print through sublimation

The printed panels are printed using sublimation technology. The inks used are water-based dyes that are pressed into the felt under the influence of heat and pressure. This ensures that the print is completely interwoven into the felt fiber.

Custom shape

All shapes are cut to size very accurately using a fully automated Zünd cutting machine. Waste left over from cutting can be fully recycled, even if it has already been printed. View our sustainability page for more about this.

Acoustic measurements

Our PET felt material is not only designed to add atmosphere to your space and enhance the appearance of your space, but also to absorb sound. The value associated with the hexagons is the one shaded green. If you are looking for something that has more acoustic value, look at our AKUprintti Frame products.

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