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What size should an image be for AKUprintti?

Technically we can print any image on AKUprintti. Our prints are sharp and the colours are life-like. It is important that the quality of the image is good though, especially when it is used in a large AKUprintti.
Download here our technical requirements for images.
We will always review each individual image and send you a digital proof before we actually print it.

Do you have an online stock image database?

We don’t. But we have good experiences with for instance Vastavalo, Shutterstock, iStock and Adobe Stock.

If you are working with an interior architect, then it is always a good idea to ask them for advise, so the print will be a visual part of the whole interior design. They can contact us directly for possibilities.

We also highly recommend these artists: they can make custom images, illustrations or patterns for you or sell you from their own portfolio.

My image is too large to send by e-mail - what should I do?

You can send large images to us through our WeTransfer page.

Can you also print text or logo's on AKUprintti?

Yes we can! You find some examples in our portfolio on the main page. We have to make sure that important text or logo’s are not too close to the border. Just let us know your wishes.

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